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You will be joining thousands of meditators worldwide as we begin exploring the transformative, healing power of these ancient sound formulas. You will receive daily emails with the link to the new mantra session, as well as some suggestions on ways to bring the mantra practice into your daily activities. The mantras provide a potent tool for bringing greater awareness and light into our lives, a space of inner centering moment to moment. These mantras have carried us on wings of love for many years as we shared them with audiences around the world at our concerts and workshops. We are so pleased to have the opportunity to offer them to you now in this new way.

Welcome To Day 1: OM – The Cosmic Yes
Welcome to our 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey. We are honored to be sharing this powerful path to inner healing and peace with you. We begin our journey with the mantra OM – the mystics call it the ‘soundless sound’ – the sound of the universe, which permeates everything and carries us deep within ourselves to a state of inner peace.
Mantras In Motion:Choose a moment in your day when you return to the sound of OM - perhaps at every stop light while you are driving, or every time you send an email or text, or finish a phone call, or every time you set something down on a table. Notice what changes....
“OM is the sound when everything else disappears from your being - no thought, no dream, no projections, no expectations, not even a single ripple - your whole lake of consciousness is simply silent; it has become just a mirror. In those rare moments you hear the sound of silence. It is the most valuable experience because it not only shows a quality of the inner music -- it also shows that the inner is full of harmony, joy and blissfulness. All that is implied in the music of OM." –Osho

Welcome To Day 2: Inner Peace
Today’s mantra embodies the sound of peace. Even as we chant the mantra, our minds may wander again and again into the past or the future. Don’t worry! This is the nature of the mind. Simply continue chanting this mantra, and eventually it will still the restless mind and return us to the present moment - to our natural state of inner peace. This is the practice of meditation through mantra.
Mantras In Motion:What situations in your daily life provoke you the most? Use today’s mantra if you feel yourself becoming tense or stressed. No need to fight with your tension, anger or hurt. Allow the powerful sound of the mantra to carry you to a space beyond the fight….
“The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace becomes transmuted into peace. Anything you accept fully will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender.”
-Eckhart Tolle

Welcome To Day 3: New Beginnings
Today’s mantra invokes unity and carries within it the power to dissolve obstacles. We are on the third day of our 21-day program. Maybe we are beginning to observe how easy it is for us to create obstacles that keep us from the practice. Here is a mantra to inspire us - to bless the journey that we have embarked upon. It will give us strength to incorporate our daily practice effortlessly and easily into our daily flow.
Mantras In Motion:Is there a situation in your life where you feel helpless? Take this moment to embrace today's mantra. As you chant, watch as it transforms helplessness into adventure!
Sing your own song - Beat your own drum Fly on the wind - it'll carry you. Dance your own  dance – There’s no better chance Fly on the wind – it’ll carry you  Why hesitate when there's nothing to fear? Why do we wait with the moment right here?  Be your own light - Keep your heart strong and sing your own song   -Miten- “Sing your own Song”

Welcome To Day 4: I Am Love
Today’s mantra focuses on our true nature: Love. This mantra opens our hearts and brings us to peace within ourselves. Ultimately, it’s the love for ourselves that we share with others.
Mantras In Motion:Notice when your chest feels tight and you feel rejected – or when you feel to reject someone or something during the course of your day – The homeless guy with a cup on the corner, the child throwing a bowl of cereal on the floor, yourself for making a 'mistake'. Take a deep breath and welcome today's mantra and breathe it in… and out….
“The most important aspect of love is not in giving or the receiving: it’s in the being. When I need love from others, or need to give love to others, I’m caught in an unstable situation. Being in love, rather than giving or taking love, is the only thing that provides stability. Being in love means seeing the Beloved all around me-Ram Dass-

Welcome To Day 5: Protection
Today's mantra provides protection from negative influences and encourages us to trust the light of our own inner wisdom. As we make the experience again and again that our own inner guiding voice leads us to the right place at the right time, so we come to trust it more and more. Even if we look foolish or crazy in the eyes of others, who cares when we are in tune with ourselves?!
Mantras In Motion:Most of us carry negative voices inside, voices of judgment and criticism. When you catch yourself judging yourself or when you feel judged by others today, allow this powerful mantra to dispel the chatter and return you to a state of Oneness.
"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness,the astonishing light of your own being." –Hafiz

Welcome To Day 6: From Darkness To Light
Today's mantra helps us to connect with the space within ourselves that never changes and never dies. Nothing in the material world is permanent, everything is constantly changing. Only within ourselves can we find that silent center which is not affected by the turbulence of life. This is what we tune into when we meditate, when we chant or sing. This is what nourishes our souls. Experiencing the silence after the chanting, we rest in a subtle emptiness – an emptiness that paradoxically, is full of light.
Mantras In Motion:In the rush of day-to-day events, it is easy to forget that each moment offers the possibility of a rebirth into the new. Use this beautiful mantra to reconnect with Essence. Close your eyes and allow the sounds to carry you into a relaxed, easy space of ecstatic silence. As the chant finishes and you open your eyes, pay attention to what you see, to your experience of seeing the world around you in this moment.
“No matter how long the room has been dark, an hour or a million years, the moment the lamp of awareness is lit the entire room becomes luminous. You are that luminosity. You are that clear light.” -Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Welcome To Day 7: Liberation
Today marks the completion of the first week of our journey into the world of mantra and meditation.  We hope that you are spending some time each day to enjoy the peaceful space of silence that follows the chanting. As you integrate the mantras into your daily life - allowing their potent sounds to transform difficult or stressful moments – you will experience a new level of trust. Trust only arises from life-experience. It is not something one learns from books or scriptures. We have to live it!  Today’s mantra honors our own inner divinity and the divinity that every living being carries within.
Mantras In Motion: Celebrate the perfect imperfections you find in yourself and others, using today’s mantra to reconnect with the light in each person you meet today.
We are awakening to the calling of the mystic. Awakening in the flowering of the heart.  
Everybody here, melting into presence, overflowing effervescence, rising in love.   OM Shanti   Sat Chidananda  OM Shanti OM   We are awakening, to this perfect imperfection, Awakening in the Oneness of it all.   Everybody here, part of each other, sister and brother, rising in love.
-Miten- “Awakening”

Welcome To Day 8: Wholeness
The energetic focus of today’s mantra is Wholeness - a deep understanding that we are each needed by existence, a necessary part of the whole. The full mantra is long and you are invited to simply sit silently as we chant, allowing these powerful sounds to bathe every cell in the body.
Mantras In Motion: Often as we move through our day, the mind focuses on what is missing, or ‘wrong’, in ourselves or others. Experiment today with using the phrase Om Purnam each time you notice yourself thinking that something is missing, or that somebody or something is of no value. Allow the phrase Om Purnam to return you to the feeling of being connected to the whole.
"You are not accidental. Existence needs you. Without you something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it." -Osho

Welcome To Day 9: The Inner Guru
Today’s mantra supports and protects us on the path from darkness to light. It confirms that peace is found within and is not something we need to look for outside of ourselves. There is nowhere we need to travel to find peace - no one we need to see or listen to in order to know it. We carry every answer to every problem within ourselves. The trick is, to stop long enough to listen to our inner voice. When we simply stop and sit still, we connect to our own roots within. This is the fountain of energy that carries us through life.
Mantras In Motion: This mantra is often chanted at the beginning of journeys. Experiment with chanting it three times in the car, before you set off.
 “Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” -Bashō

Welcome To Day 10: Abundance
Today’s mantra celebrates the quality of abundance: abundance of the heart, of friends, of health, of wealth and of inner peace.
Mantras In Motion: We are blessed by abundance in so many ways, and yet often focus on that which we lack instead. When feelings of insecurity or fear of not having enough arise today, return to the essence of abundance which this mantra offers.
"Sounds of laughter shades of love are ringing through my open ears, inciting and inviting me. Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns, it calls me on and on across the universe..." -John Lennon

Welcome To Day 11: Reverence
Today’s mantra honors the Divine in all its many forms & manifestations, especially with deep reverence directed to the great dance of opposites, experienced as masculine and feminine energies. Use this mantra as an opportunity to be silent and to allow the experience of balance and oneness to permeate your being.  Experiment with bodily positions – try receiving the sounds in lotus position – also, experiment with standing and moving, letting your body respond naturally to the sounds as they enter you.  Be creative, don’t judge - give yourself the freedom to relax as you open to the vibrations of the mantra.
Mantras In Motion: Experiment with shifting focus a few times today. Move consciously from the ordinary to the extraordinary. For instance, as you pay for your coffee at the café or for your groceries at the market, see beyond the personality of the person behind the counter and perceive them as beings filled with Light…
 “The real sunrise is in the sky of the heart. Just as the water jar reflects the sun, so the entire Universe shines in the heart of the One.” -Nityananda

 Welcome To Day 12: Perfecting Wisdom
For today’s mantra, we are joined by the powerful voices of the Gyuto Monks from Tibet, chanting the Prajnaparamita Mantra, the final part of the Heart Sutra of Buddha. You can chant the mantra with us 108 times, or simply listen, allowing the energies to sink deep within.
Mantras In Motion: Take the sounds of this mantra with you as move into sleep. Imagine yourself as expanding into the universe, a being without boundaries – the stars move within you, worlds appear and disappear… go to sleep as the universe. Gate Gate Paragate….
 “As you dissolve into love, your ego fades. You’re not thinking about loving; you’re just being love, radiating like the sun.” -Ram Dass

Welcome To Day 13: Happiness
Today’s mantra increases our openness to receive and share the elusive and often misunderstood quality of happiness. It asks: May all beings be happy.
Mantras In Motion: This mantra carries the potential for extraordinary alchemy. If you find yourself in a store or restaurant or at work feeling uninspired or irritable… take a breath – stop – take another breath and as you breathe out, bring this mantra to your consciousness.  As you connect with the sentiment “May all beings be happy”, you will find that the negative energy that pulls you into feeling disturbed will dissipate and gradually dissolve.
“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” -Gautama Buddha

Welcome To Day 14: Buddha Nature
Congratulations on completing the first part of your journey into mantra. This is a good time to notice what has changed - in the way we connect with the daily mantra, in the way we feel with the practice, how the mantras permeate our daily flow of activity etc...Take a moment to create an intention which will inspire you to explore the final week of our journey.  We are now connected with thousands of people all over the world who, like yourself, undertook this voyage. In addition, we are part of a stream of millions of seekers who have chanted these mantras down the ages.  Today’s mantra originates from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and celebrates our ‘Buddha Nature’, a reminder of our own inner light.
Mantras In Motion: Emotions come and go … anger, frustration, fear … see and perceive them as no more than white clouds passing across a clear blue sky. The sacred sounds of this mantra serve to remind us not to get identified with the clouds (thoughts, emotions), but to stay focused on the deep silent space of pure emptiness that is eternally undisturbed.
“Enlightenment is always there. Small enlightenment will bring great enlightenment. If you breathe in and are aware that you are alive — that you can touch the miracle of being alive — then that is a kind of enlightenment.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

Welcome To Day 15: Healing
Today’s mantra can be used to invoke healing energies, for yourself or others: healing of whatever in your life needs healing, needs to be made whole.  Be open to this energy manifesting in unexpected ways, perhaps connecting you to just the right health care practitioner or healing modality needed in the moment.
Mantras In Motion: Experiment as you prepare food today with chanting this mantra, holding the intention that the food you are preparing will be filled with vibrant energy, giving strength and health.
“In fact every person has the energy to heal. It is something natural. It is not that a few people are healers and others are not, no. Every person born is a healer but has forgotten the capacity, or has never used it….” -Osho

Welcome To Day 16: Medicine Buddha
Today’s mantra honours the Medicine Buddha, that energy that helps make us whole, healing the body and spirit - and dispelling the illusion of separation, which is called the “great illness.”
Mantras In Motion: When we view our feelings of separation and duality as a "great illness" we open to the potential of being more compassionate towards ourselves. Let’s see our thoughts of separation as an illness that can be healed through the chant.
“Let the waves of the universe rise and fall as they will.  You have nothing to gain or lose.  You are the ocean.”  -Ashtavakra Gita

 Welcome To Day 17: Supreme Love Made Manifest
Today’s mantra celebrates love as a physical manifestation.
Mantras In Motion: Bring a specific person into your awareness as you chant this mantra, allowing the love you feel to connect you to the divine love that permeates all existence. Send your love so intensely that there is no question as to whether it will be received.
 “Love calls - everywhere and always. We’re sky bound.  Are you coming?” -Rumi

Welcome To Day 18: Compassion In Action
Today’s chant, another from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, honours the ’Green Tara’. This is the goddess Tara in her most practical form, manifesting compassion in action.
Mantras In Motion: Allow the potent vibration of this mantra to support you in the expression of compassion today – scattering small acts of kindness as seeds of light…
“Compassionate action has to start with ourselves. It is unconditional compassion for ourselves that leads naturally to unconditional compassion for others.” -Pema Chödrön

Welcome To Day 19: The Jewel In The Lotus
Today’s mantra honours Avalokiteshvara, the Tibetan Bodhisattva of Compassion, and celebrates the potential within each of us for inner transformation.
Mantras In Motion: Is there some behavior or response in yourself that you often judge? Use the sounds of today’s mantra to connect with a deeper sense of acceptance of yourself as you are, moment to moment. Remember, we are all Buddha nature, exactly as we are.
"There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness." –H. H. The Dalai Lama

Welcome To Day 20: Tantra-Mantra
Today’s mantra celebrates the creative forces of existence. It is a reminder that every act we perform as our day unfolds has the potential to be creative. Not only the obviously creative acts, such as lovemaking, making music, singing, chanting, painting etc, but also, the menial day-to-day tasks can be incredibly transformative when performed with absolute awareness.
Mantras In Motion: Tantra invites us to experience every activity as a divine and sacred act of love. Allow this mantra to help you rise in love today.
"Deeper, deeper...  Into the heart of love...deeper, Letting go into the Mystery  Rising in Love"  -Miten- “Om Kama/Deeper”

Welcome To Day 21: Enlightenment
It has been our joy to share the transformative power of these mantra meditations with you. May this journey ignite a flame within you as you continue to explore this beautiful path into inner awareness. Maybe there is one particular mantra that continues to resonate with you, one that addresses a particular issue in your life. Let your intuition be your guide! We suggest you chant it every evening before sleep, for 3 weeks, 108 times, and carry it with you throughout your daily activities.  Today we will let ourselves be enchanted by the Gayatri Mantra. It is said to be the most ancient and most powerful of all the mantras, gracing all who recite it and even those who are simply within earshot. A deep purification of spirit.
Mantras In Motion: Make time to chant the Gayatri Mantra again today, or simply listen, allowing the sounds to bathe every cell in your body, sinking deep into your energy fields. As the chant finishes, spend awhile sitting silently ... breathing in a relaxed way, watching your thoughts as they come and go...listening to the sounds around deep peace.
“A mantra is something like a seed to be allowed to go deep into your being so that it can send its roots to the sources of your life and finally to the universal life. Then its branches, its foliage will go high into the sky, and when the right time comes, when the spring comes, it will be filled with thousands of flowers.”  -Osho

Today, a special gift for you – we’re celebrating the precious time we have shared during this 21 Day Mantra Meditation Journey with a bonus session.
Relax...enjoy...share your light...
"...Go lightly on this fragile earth –  We are all strangers on this shore –  Remember what your life is worth  - And what it was we came here for –  And hidden deep within our hearts there's - A light that shines on everything –  On the right and the wrong, on the weak and the strong –  On the prayers and the songs that we sing..."  -Miten- “Native Son”

Namasté! With all love and blessings,  
Deva & Miten

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